Our Services
Leak detection and repair

Woodside Emergency Plumbing and Heating repairs, services and rebuilds used helium leak detectors and vacuum pumps of most major manufacturers.
Rebuilt leak detectors can be obtained for less than half the price of new, helping your company or institution keep operating costs low. We encourage you to shop around, then come back to us for the best competitive rates and prices!
With almost 30 years in the business, we are confident that we can find the most time and cost-efficient means to satisfy your leak detection needs. We even offer three (3) 24-hour emergency phone numbers for our clients because we know that lost time means lost profits.
We also offer customized training for your staff in your specific application.
Our in-house or on-site leak detection service is perfect for periodic or prototype testing needs. If you do not need leak-testing often enough to justify the purchase of a machine, our test services are the ideal solution! We also offer leak detector and pump rentals.